Property Management Services

Repairs and Maintenance

As the Managing Agent we shall arrange for repairs to and maintenance of the common property when so instructed by the Body Corporate or the Trustees. We shall also arrange for two quotations per repair when so instructed. At the instruction of the Body Corporate, we will negotiate with professional firms or outside contractors and others for the compiling of specifications of work to be done.

Debt Collection

We offer a just and fair debt collection service to our clients using advanced infrastructure and skilled, motivated and professional staff who uphold a code of conduct ensuring our clients privacy and confidentiality. Our fees are structured by the National Council of Debt Collectors ensuring fair and honest billing.

Property Rentals

We offer our clients the option of leasing their unit through our rental department who will attend to tenant screening, the signing of a lease, securing a deposit, inspections, repairs and maintenance and rental collection, allowing the owner complete peace of mind.


We can arrange for the insurance of the buildings and improvements, and for any other insurance the Body Corporate may require, when so requested by the Trustees. We are able to pay the annual or monthly insurance premiums in the event of the Body Corporate having funds available. We will process or submit all insurance claims on behalf of the Body Corporate to their in-house or duly appointed broker, at no additional cost.


We are able to assist in the enforcement of the Rules of the Body Corporate, when so required by the Trustees. We undertake to acquaint ourselves with the provisions of the Management and Conduct Rules adopted by the Body Corporate and will similarly do so concerning further amended or other Rules as the Body Corporate may adopt from time to time.


As the Managing Agent, we shall keep full records of administration and shall report to the Body Corporate and to all holders of registered sectional mortgage bonds, all matters that, in our opinion, will detrimentally affect the value or amenity of the common property and of any of the sections, as per the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 as amended.

Collection of levies and other monies

We will on the behalf of the Body Corporate arrange for the collection of the monthly levies and other income from all present and future owners and to deposit all such receipts into a trust account administered by the Managing Agent. We will also arrange for the preparation and delivery of statements on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis, or no statements at all, as decided and agreed upon by the Trustees.

We are able to instruct an attorney on the behalf of the Body Corporate for any litigious matter pertaining to the collection of outstanding levies or follow an instruction from the Trustees on any relevant issue. We exercise a very strict credit control timeously to recover all amounts owing by owners to the Body Corporate.

We are also able to raise compounded interest on arrears levies at such rate as determined by the Trustees from time to time, which will be credited to the account of the Body Corporate.


We are able to, on the behalf of the Body Corporate, pay all expenses incurred in the administration of the Body Corporate, as instructed by the Trustees, process all payments and receipts and prepare and submit to the Trustees a monthly statement of receipts and expenditure, including an analysis of debtors balances and a comparison to the monthly budget.

We shall also arrange the annual audit with the auditor or accounting officer appointed by the Body Corporate. On completion of the audit we will submit the draft audited statements to the Trustees for approval or signature and thereafter to the Members of the Body Corporate for consideration.

We will also manage any surplus funds after payment of creditors in terms of current legislation and attend to the requirements of the South African Revenue Service and all statutory requirements.


As the Managing Agent will arrange, prepare for and attend the following:

- Maintain the statutory records, minute books, attendance registers, register of sectional bond holders, sectional
plans, rules, insurance policies and all other records and files pertaining to the Body Corporate;

- Draft and dispatch notices of circulars, notices, agendas, proxies and nomination forms for General Meetings
of owners;

- Draft and dispatch notices for meetings of the Trustees;

- Attendance at the Annual General Meeting of the Body Corporate;

- Attendance at the meeting of the Trustees, as and when requested;

- Attendance at Special General Meetings of the Body Corporate when so requested by the Trustees;

- Keeping proper minutes of the meetings attended and dispatching copies to all persons entitled to receive such

- Arrange venues for meetings if so requested by the Trustees;

- Assist and advise the Trustees on procedural matters;

- Furnish the Chairperson of the Trustees with copies of correspondence done on their behalf;



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